"Indian culture has evolved significantly in the past decade in terms of one's status and relationship in society..An unsuccessful relationship is no longer taboo and 4 out of 10 people want to start afresh. Everyone deserves a second chance and we are talking about life.

MyNewLeaf.in is a dedicated partner search and matrimonial platform for a niche community of people who are either divorced, annulled, separated, widowed or just seeking late matrimony. This endeavor is bound to bring cheer to a niche but large group of people who seek another chance at life!

Our platform will help you get more out of life, by choosing the ‘RIGHT LIFE PARTNER’ - enabling social life reformation and finding motivation to take positive steps forward."
 Matri ID  Gender Age  Religion  
Female 37 Hindu
Male 38 Hindu
Female 26 Christian
Male 39 Hindu
Male 30 Hindu
Male 44 Muslim
Female 26 Hindu

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Important! MyNewLeaf promotes ONLY genuine ReMarriage/Late Marriage profile entries. 

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